Saturday, October 22, 2005

Message From Councilman Jeff Miller

Jessica's Law Update
Last week I joined California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator George Runner, Senator Bob Dutton, and Assemblywomen Sharon Runner announcing the signature drive for Sexual Predator and Punishment Act of 2006 - Campaign for Jessica's Law! To see photo,click here:

I will be putting together another update on transportation issues pertaining to the 91 Freeway. I will try to get it out on Sunday.


Friday, October 14, 2005



There is a move afoot in Congress (H.R. 1152) to change the name of Prado Dam to the Victor V. Veysey Dam. It is sponsored by Congressman Ken Calvert to honor his father's friend.

The Prado Dam has existed for nearly 65 years and was named for the frontier town called Prado, once located in the basin behind the dam. Prado is important because:
  • The area was inhabited for centuries, first by the Gabrielene Indians, then by Spanish settlers of Rancho El Rincon and then by American Farmers.
  • The Butterfield stage stopped at Prado.
  • Besides homes, significant structures in Prado included a railroad depot, a post office, a school house, a hotel, a general store and a garage.
  • Three hundred citizens called Prado home.

If you agree, please contact Congressman Calvert:
E-mail to
Call 951-784-4300 (Riverside office)
Call 202-225-1986 (Washington, D.C. office)

(Information provided by Corona Historic Preservation Society)

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The InCorona Team

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Free 411 Telephone Directory Service


We recently ran across a great money saver that we would like to share with you. A new service, 1-800-Free-411, offers free directory assistance to all callers. This service not only gives you the number but will connect you for free.

No more 75 cents every time you need to 411 directory assistance. You can use this service in your car so that you don't have to fumble for numbers or a quick call ahead to save gas. 1-800-free-411 will also give you the last number you looked up just by hitting the #9 key when you call them back.

We highly recommend adding them to your speed dial for quick access!

What's the catch, after you give them the name and city to look up you listen to a brief 15-20 seconds commercial. Sometimes this may even be an offer related to the number you are looking up.
Example: you call for a number for your local pizza restaurant and the commercial tells you about a $2 off special another pizza restaurant is offering and offers to connect you immediately if you hit the number 5.

So far we have found this to be a really cool service and a great way to save some change. Give it a try today at 1-800-Free-411 (1-800-373-3411).

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The InCorona Team